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dye sublimation

  1. is it possible to sublimate patch over mistake

    Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    I recently made a large offer for sub sweatshirts their was a mistake on 6 Hoods player#s on hood didnt match player#s on body. I have a sublimation printer can I make a patch to cover up mistake and match base color will color actually cover mistake. Base color is midnight (navy) Mistake...
  2. Wf7720 leavinh mini blue smudges

    T shirt Printing Issues
    can someone please tell me why I am getting this bluish tinge around images I have a wf 7720 have cleaned the heads both through the machine and a cleaning kit. I removes the white and print comes out same even replaced white with an off white and still same thing please help
  3. Any other ideas? Sudden colour dropouts dye sub Epson 9880

    General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    Hey all, Running EcoEdge dye sub inks on Epson 9880. Never missed a dot; always perfect. Until now. I do a nozzle check one day and Magenta is gone. So I do a powercleaning and then Cyan and Black drop out. I still have Yellow for whatever reason. I filled the carts up with mostly cleaning...
  4. [T-SHIRTFORUMS NEWSLETTER ARTICLE] Road to Dye Sublimation Success: Create Your Wall of Shame

    T-ShirtForums Newsletter Articles
    When I first became involved with dye-sublimation in the early 90’s, I made lots of mistakes – cracked ceramic and glass due to too much pressure in the press, incomplete transfers on fabric caused by too little pressure in the press, scorched products that were accidentally left in the press...
  5. [T-SHIRTFORUMS NEWSLETTER ARTICLE] Getting Started With Dye Sublimation

    T-ShirtForums Newsletter Articles
    Getting Started With Dye Sublimation In order to sublimate you need five things. First you need sublimation ink. Then you need the printer for which the sublimation ink was designed. You also need some sublimation paper on which to print your transfers. Then you need some polymer coated...