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  1. General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    Hey guys, We've built up a lot of scrap t-shirts from miss prints and tests etc. How are you guys disposing of your throw-aways?
  2. Canada
    Hi... I'm curious who has a DTG printer from Polyprint? What has your experience been? I have a Polyprint Echo2 and for the last 2 years all I do all day is troubleshoot. I wonder if this is the case for all DTG printers. Are they all high maintenance? Cheers, Suzanne
  3. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hey all, new member here....I've searched the forums already & attempted a few things....some background: This unit has been plugged in but had no UPS battery backup behind it & when I came back a day after running my first and second prints, the ICH chip now shows 4 LED's, which is confusing...
  4. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi Fellow Printers, It would be interesting to learn everyone's pain-points and maybe for the rest of the community to recommend some tips and tricks to make things a little easier. Shoot away...
  5. TF Classifieds
    We have multiple DTG Digital G4 Model Printers for sale All machines come with RIP Software, and 3 different platens for all sizes of prints We will train full day if needed and offer support for the printers! Tons of ink and support is available and transferable to the end user! More...
  6. Brother
    Hi hi! Anyone else having any issues with the print laydown having fibers/hairs within it? Should've been a solid print. (Printed on Brother GTX)
  7. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi all I have a brand of clothing but I am having difficulty making certain designs. i have designs of 10 colors and more memem .... when i inquired i was informed i had to buy a dtg printer. I inquired and I found a supplier in China who sells this machine at 2000 $ (A3 1390 Digital Dtg Printer...
  8. Direct to Garment (DTG) Inkjet Printing
    Hi, I’m new to DTG and have a lot to learn! Can anyone tell me why my inks are printing faded at the top? It only happens on light shirts. If I print a white layer underneath they are fine. I’ve done all the cleans on the machine and they don’t seem to have made a difference. Also the yellow...
  9. Blog
    In this video, we talk about common T-Shirt design problems in DTG (direct to garment printing) we often notice. We mention Direct To Garment printing (DTG) because this is the printing method of choice of many Print-On-Demand (POD) platforms. You can never make a bad design look good once...
  10. Hi.

    Member Introductions
    Hi I'm Kevin. My account has been retrieved. Hello to all that know me, and those who don't. My interests? DTG printing
  11. Epson SureColor DTG Printers
    Hello, first time posting. I have two F2000 printers, my original one I purchased brand new and a 2nd I purchased used. My original printer is giving me trouble and I cannot figure it out. I'm on my 2nd print head in 5 years. The current print head is almost 2 years old. After I print a couple...
  12. Direct to Garment (DTG) Inkjet Printing
    I recently found a epson xp-640 for sale for $20 and figured at that price I would try to make a DTG out of it granted it doesn't seem to be a very popular model of printer for the job. There is a rip that has native support for it and there are also the gutenprint and gutenRIP projects that...
  13. NeoFlex
    Neoflex 3 Platten Direct to Garment Printer Set up with 2 Scrap Machines for parts, print bed and housing table. Along with several supplies, ink and 2 Wagner pretreat sprayers. CURRENTLY HAVE REMOVE PAPPER ERROR....MAKE AN OFFER
  14. T shirt Printing Issues
    Good Evening everyone, I've recently visited a company to get some DTG work done, and they damaged my order by printing everything the wrong size even though they were informed on the correct information and placement, they offered to replace my order free of charge and when I went to pick up...
  15. Brother
    Having issues with whites on GT381. We've been trying to work out whether we have a dodgy heads in there and having swapped them all round and printed using them all (we think) I still cant get Line 3 to load ink or maintenance fluid but the head thats in there has definitely printed. All...
  16. Epson SureColor DTG Printers
    I've recently purchased an Epson SureColor SC-F2100 and am having a couple of issues: 1. White splotching - It seems as though the lint on the shirt is causing this even though I am lint rolling them prior to applying pre-treatment solution. 2. White border/shadow when printing colour onto black...
  17. Blog
    We made a new tutorial for Procreate. In this Procreate T-Shirt Design Tutorial, we show how you can use the symmetry tool to design T Shirts faster. Since Halloween is around the corner, we creating a Dia de Los Muertos T-Shirt design. Procreate Symmetry Tutorial
  18. TF Classifieds
    ** LOCATED IN BANFF, ALBERTA CANADA ** Epson F2000 Direct to Garment (DTG) t-shirt package. Everything you need to start a side t-shirt business. The original price for the package was $26K asking $9800 OBO Brand new printhead was installed by Epson Tech on July 29 2019. This included brand...
  19. United Kingdom
    Hello, I keep getting blotches in prints when it comes to sweatshirt/hoodie printing which is quite annoying! We're drying the garments for 20 secs 3 times at 175 Degrees Celsius, using baking paper and then teflon on top to protect the press, whilst moving the garment from center to side to...
  20. Epson SureColor DTG Printers
    I came in this morning and my printer showed Fatal Error 1A3F. It goes away when I restart, but shows back up after every print. Does anyone know what this error means and what I can do to fix it? Thanks.
1-20 of 22 Results