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  1. DTG Brand
    Hello I’m needing a couple of DX5 print heads for my DTG M2. I can’t afford to buy them brand new as there very high dollar. I was hoping that possibly someone in here would have a few laying around that they have either swapped out of there machine due to maybe a bit of clogging or something. I...
  2. TF Classifieds
    Hi from Singapore! We are selling our used DTG M2 Digital Direct To Garment T-Shirt Printing Machine for SGD6,999. Our machines are all in excellent condition. The machine comes with its own printing software (software CD and dongle included) but you will need your own design software (e.g...
  3. DTG Brand
    Hello anyone can help with getting a dtg m2 printhead part number is f18700030 epson water based or 4880 prinhtead
  4. DTG Brand
    Hi Guys. I need to know where in Europe I can buy pressure sensor/switch from CMYK pressure assy. I need only sensor not whole system. I can buy from ITE dealer in my country only whole system.
1-4 of 4 Results