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  1. TF Classifieds
    Item(s) for sale: Hix Verticure 2 Drawer Garment Dryer for DTG Excellent dryer for all DTG curing but even better for items that aren't flat you may be printing, such as shoes or materials you don't want an iron mark on. Condition of items : Purchased in 2017 $7895, used about 10 times...
    $2,500 USD
  2. Screen Printing Equipment
    Hey All, We have recently purchased some refurbished equipment and are looking for any manuals, schematics, documents anybody is willing to share on the American Phoenix Turbo 30" Conveyer Dryer, and the M&R Maxi-Cure 36" Conveyor Dryer. Thanks!
  3. Screen Printing Equipment
    Hey friends. I'm in the process of putting my little screen printing set-up together. Because of budget I'll probably have to start curing shirts using a flash and heat press (I have a good quality Adkins). But I know that's time consuming and want to use a dryer asap. Problem is I'm really...
  4. TF Classifieds
    All items are from a small, low-volume shop and have been well cared for. We may ship small items priced under $200 & able to ship via UPS. All large equipment (flash units included) must be picked up in person. We are located in Brevard County, FL. 4-color, 4-station manual screen printing...
1-4 of 4 Results