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  1. Member Introductions
    Embroidery Digitizing Expert Here! Hi I am Javed Zahid having more then 5 years experience in Logo Designing as well Digitizing into DST. I Love to do embroidery digitizing . I can provide you unique Ideas for your business logo and in Embroidery Digitizing DST PES. I will guarantee 100% you...
  2. Embroidery
    I'm trying to embroider a square patches onto standard baseball caps, but the stitching never turns out completely square with the patch. It's just a simple bean stitch that runs all the way around to tack the patch to the cap. My assumptions are that it's not straight because of the curve...
  3. Embroidery
    Hi all! I am using DRAWings PRO 8. I have a unique design stitch pattern that I am trying to recreate but I am having terrible luck. Can anyone identify this stitch pattern or have a suggestion as to how to create it? I really like the braided finish. DRAWINGS has so many styles and...
  4. Embroidery
    Hello. Long time lurker here. My windows 7 pc is finally giving up the ghost (crashing 2 times a day while digitizing), so i need to get a new one. On the current PC, we have Wilcom Embroidery Studio e2, and I am pretty comfortable using it. I hear that Hatch is like a striped down version of...
1-4 of 4 Results