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  1. Member Introductions
    Just launched my site. Take a look! Would love to hear your thoughts, critiques, comments etc. I have one shirt for sale now, and more merch, shirts, stickers, prints, one-off air brushed shirts, art, and items coming soon. GHOST GUTS GHOST GUTS GHOST GUTS Lmk ;)
  2. General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    Hello everyone, Thank you for reading my tread, I'm planning to set up my tshirt printing project using converted epson DTF, I already bought a domain and 90 gigabyte of designs for all of my niches, I'm worried about one thing, which is not having orders daily and I will have so much problems...
  3. Graphics and Design Help
    What's everybody using for vector graphics/clipart? We are currently using Action Illustrated. I have been looking into Digital Art Solutions Graphics builder packages, but it seems a little expensive for what your getting... Any other options out there?
1-3 of 3 Results