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  1. General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    My friend and I are 50/50 partners in our new t-shirt sales business. However I am the designer for all the shirts (11 designs so far). We've agreed that I should get a royalty per sale to reflect the extra work I'm doing (we split the work evenly, otherwise). Is there a standard % amount for a...
  2. General T-Shirt Buying Discussion
    There’s a lot that can go wrong with T-shirts, especially when you’re buying online, without the chance to try them on first. Every shop or website that sells T-shirts will tell you that theirs are the best. So how do you know who to believe? Luckily, the answer to that question is an easy one...
  3. T Shirt Forum Website & Account Support
    I want to ask about how to sell designs for t-shirts, I mean only selling designs. then in which thread can I ask about selling designs for t-shirts, thank you
  4. Prints for children's T-shirts and Long Sleeve Tee

    Prints, author's illustrations (these and others), visualized on clothes can be viewed on my website oksana Kushnarova and you can buy these prints in my store ArtOK
  5. Graphics and Design Help
    Hey Everyone, I've been reading more and more about a 3D product visualizer or a product customizer for a couple of days now. What a product customizer basically, is a software that lets you customize a product that is its color, shape, size, design, material, etc even before manufacturing it...
  6. Graphics and Design Help
    I'm searching for these types of designs but I can't seem to find them only found this one If somebody knows how these designs are called please let me know!
  7. Graphics and Design Help
    I've been screen printing for a while and I'm trying to print more detailed designs. This design would need half tones for the detail in the skulls right? It going onto a black tshirt so am I right in thinking its 3 colours? White purple then black halftones to blend the gradients in the skull?
  8. Graphics and Design Help
    Hi! I’m designing some topography tshirts and wanted to know what you all thought of these designs and if you have any advice. The topography maps are extracted from satellite imagery, so they’re accurate depictions of the topography of famous mountains.
  9. Need Help Finding a T-Shirt DESIGN
    Hello friends. I'm building a website POD Vector design to sell pre-made designs for t-shirt printing or other prints. The designs are in vector format (EPS), exported to PNG ~ 4000px, PDF SVG format. I don't know the real need of this POD industry. Is the price from 1$ to 6$ too expensive? How...
  10. T shirt Printing Issues
    I am a new member to the forums. I want to surprise my father with a t-shirt of his former business but the logo design no longer exists. It was a local fish service store. I have a shirt from when the business still existed, but thats about it. The existing shirt has no trademark or copyright...
  11. Graphics and Design Help
    I'm getting into designing racing T-shirts and a few different things racing related. I love the look of Race car illustrations, but don't have $75 to spend on each individual car / angle that i need. I am pretty experienced with Illustrator, but I would love to find a course or videos...
  12. T-Shirt Articles
    As I casually browsed through my friend Paula’s latest article about designer t-shirts: T-Shirt Design: Achieving a fashion look by using the right printing technique, my heart nearly came to a halt as a I noticed the Dolce & Gabbana t-shirt price tag, a whooping €395. As someone who knows about...
  13. T-Shirt Articles
    Original article on the Printsome Blog In the T-shirt printing industry we work very closely with designers and many of our team actually have a background in design – and sometimes sympathise with their problems. So when it comes to consulting on T-shirts we are driven by the quality of the...
  14. T-Shirt Articles
    A new year has just started and at Printsome we couldn’t be more excited about it. Whether you are in the UK or somewhere more exotic, we want to give T-shirt printing enthusiasts and design lovers some fresh and beautiful inspiration each week. With today being the very first #TshirtTuesday...
  15. T-Shirt Articles
    Either when selling a T-shirt online or on the streets of London (or any other city in the UK or the world for that matter), putting it in beautiful, eye-catching and innovative T-shirt packaging is a great way to conquer your customers through the power of sight. Forget about poly bagging, for...
1-15 of 16 Results