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  1. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    Evening! I am after a little bit of advice. I have a printer and I am using sublimation ink for my sublimation transfers, however I am also using dark transfer paper, I currently have PPD. After a couple of days, the images go really blurry. Is there a reason for this? Thanks
  2. Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper
    Hi guys, I'm still new to all this and I'm unsure if I'm even in the right forum! I have made some dark t shirts but I keep getting little patches like this when I pull the paper back. (this isn't my photo but it's the same issue) I am using sublimation ink as I use this for my normal...
  3. Laser Heat Transfer Paper
    I am looking for an option to print full color transfers for dark shirts. I have been looking at the Neenah Image Clip Laser Dark but I do not have a white toner printer. One of my printers can print clear/translucent so I am wondering if I layer it where white is needed in my image if the white...
1-3 of 3 Results