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  1. General T-Shirt Selling Discussion
    Hi! Looking for ONE OF A KIND TIE DYE!? I got you! What sets me apart from all the other tie dye companies !? I can do tie dye on ANY COLOR COTTON TEE! Hand tied Mushroom, heart, swirls...there’s a bunch of designs to choose from that will fit your particular personality or buisness! I’d love...
  2. Graphics and Design Help
    Ho was jsut woundering how hard is it to print a design partly on the sleeve of the shirt and also onto the body of the shirt. Is it a 2 part process and does anyone know of any business that would do this in the uk?
  3. General T-Shirt Buying Discussion
    Hi everyone, I'm trying to find some stores or brands that allow us to make a bit of adjustment to the original shirt design before ordering and shipping, such as adding my name or even images. The ones I have found are Etsy and Hyperfavor. Which more do you suggest, so I can look through all...
  4. T-Shirt Articles
    You always wanted to create your own t-shirts. You found a t-shirt designer software also but don't know how to use it. No problem! In this quick tutorial, I will teach you the basics of how to operate custom T-shirt design tool. Online t-shirt design software is a PHP powered custom design tool...
1-4 of 4 Results