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  1. Screen Printing
    I currently do some hobby printing and am looking to expand our screen printing to make products to sell from our farm. Specifically, I am wanting to print on cotton tea towels. Towels are 28"x28" and I'll be printing mostly smaller prints on 1/6 of the towel for display when folding, but I'd...
  2. Water Based Ink Screen Printing
    I recently decided to start using water based inks for certain jobs and possibly even switch over from plastisol almost completely. I started a job yesterday w water based and before doing any research I basically treated it just as I would plastisol ink. The job is just white ink on black...
  3. T-ShirtForums Newsletter Articles
    Plastisol Curing Facts You Should Know Achieving a full cure using plastisol ink should, on the surface, be a simple proposition. Turn on your dryer to the proper temperature, lay the shirt on the belt, and send it on its way. But there are rules, and there are complications we must deal with...
1-3 of 3 Results