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curing temperature

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  1. Water Based Ink Screen Printing
    I recently decided to start using water based inks for certain jobs and possibly even switch over from plastisol almost completely. I started a job yesterday w water based and before doing any research I basically treated it just as I would plastisol ink. The job is just white ink on black...
  2. Wholesale T-Shirts & Other Imprintable Products
    I recently did an order of 400 koozies only to find out the ink started bleeding on the koozie once they started using them. What are some important things I should know when customizing koozies? What ink is best on what material koozie? What temperature should I have the dryer at? Is there...
  3. Heat Press and Heat Transfers
    I am looking for clarification of the temperature for heat pressing a full color plastisol transfer. I am using 613Originals Classic formula (white underbased for dark shirts). I am pressing 100% cotton and the instructions slip says: "375° 7 seconds 60psi hot peel" Which of the following...
1-3 of 3 Results