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  1. Water Based Ink Screen Printing
    Hi, I just bought a new Vastex D-1000 and I'm using Water based inks from Ryonet. This is my first conveyor. I'm pretty new to this. And I'm wondering if any of you have will help me, a tip or settings for this machine for water based and discharge. Right now I have it at 4.5" height, 6.5 heat...
  2. TF Classifieds
    Item(s) for sale: Hix Verticure 2 Drawer Garment Dryer for DTG Excellent dryer for all DTG curing but even better for items that aren't flat you may be printing, such as shoes or materials you don't want an iron mark on. Condition of items : Purchased in 2017 $7895, used about 10 times...
    $2,500 USD
1-2 of 2 Results