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    Corel Power Clip is pretty cool: Put your image and text on the page: Select your image and go to Effects>Power Clip>Place Inside Container: Then choose your container, text in this example: et voila! It's really just a shortcut to producing a clipping mask effect, so older versions...
  2. T-Shirt Articles
    Screenprinting on tshirts generally has a lot of dot gain as the ink spreads and doesn't need trapping, but if you sometimes have gaps between two adjoining colours you can make life easier by adding a trap. Traps go by a variety of names - overprint, bleed, choke etc. They all involve...
  3. T-Shirt Articles
    Here is a quick screen capture tutorial on creating a two color name in CorelDRAW. This should be helpful for those of you cutting heat transfer vinyl:
1-3 of 3 Results