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  1. Water Based Ink Screen Printing
    Hi, I just bought a new Vastex D-1000 and I'm using Water based inks from Ryonet. This is my first conveyor. I'm pretty new to this. And I'm wondering if any of you have will help me, a tip or settings for this machine for water based and discharge. Right now I have it at 4.5" height, 6.5 heat...
  2. Screen Printing
    I currently do some hobby printing and am looking to expand our screen printing to make products to sell from our farm. Specifically, I am wanting to print on cotton tea towels. Towels are 28"x28" and I'll be printing mostly smaller prints on 1/6 of the towel for display when folding, but I'd...
  3. Direct to Garment (DTG) Inkjet Printing
    Got a quote from my dealer that includes a Lawson conveyor dryer. It’s the 12 foot model (Digistar). Wondering if I need the 12 foot model, or if I can get away with the 8 foot? I assume that the shorter dryer would just need a slower belt speed, but are there other considerations as well...
  4. For Sale ECOTex Gas dryer

    TF Classifieds
    Looking to sell a used Ecotex gas dryer. This is primarily used for drying DTG Garments after printing. Can be used for multiple other printing techniques. Local pick up only.
    $5,500 USD
  5. Screen Printing Equipment
    Hi! does anyone use vulcan? Any opinions? How does it compare to roq or m & r? keeps the temperature?
  6. Screen Printing Equipment
    Hey friends. I'm in the process of putting my little screen printing set-up together. Because of budget I'll probably have to start curing shirts using a flash and heat press (I have a good quality Adkins). But I know that's time consuming and want to use a dryer asap. Problem is I'm really...
1-6 of 6 Results