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color issues

  1. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hello, I have a question about DTF and a color issue(?) I hope this makes sense, but I recently got my DTF printer to start printing and the prints are coming out real nice. There’s just one thing that kinda frustrates me and I wanna know if this is common or an issue with the program? Maybe...
  2. T shirt Printing Issues
    Hi Everyone, Calling all Kornit DTG workflow owners and colour experts out there. I am having issues getting a consistent output of colour through my POD converter's print workflow. I will explain further below as its not as straight forward as what I am used too. I’m new to this forum...
  3. Kornit
    Hi Everyone, Calling all Kornit DTG workflow owners and experts out there. I’m new to this forum, however, well versed in digital print for all mediums for over 15yrs now. I recently started a little POD T-Shirt business (bit of lockdown fun) working with a facility near to my hometown in UK...
  4. Epson SureColor DTG Printers
    I work in Coreldraw, 2020, and recently my DTG prints have a slight rainbow, holographic effect on the white outlines. Not sure where to start looking to fix this issue. It's been on a couple of designs, fonts and graphics. Printer is the F-2100 Thanks