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  2. Brother
    Hey Wondering if someone can help me with my brother GTX. Every time I print the white starts to fade straight away. The head is clean and when I put it into cleans the nozzle check comes out perfect. But then as soon a sI put a shirt on the start of the print comes out really strong and the...
  3. DTG Brand
    Planning on investing in a dtg printer. Would love to hear your feedback on which dtg printer is better and why.
  4. Brother
    Hi hi! Anyone else having any issues with the print laydown having fibers/hairs within it? Should've been a solid print. (Printed on Brother GTX)
  5. Brother
    Hi, It is possible upgrade a GTX Pro to a GTX Pro Bulk? How much it cost? Rrgards
  6. Brother
    We switched from the Brother GTX pretreat to the Firebird FBX 100 GTX Optimized pretreat towards the beginning of this year. I did several tests with the pretreat and found that I liked it more than the brother pretreat in pretty much every area. Once we actually switched and started using the...
1-6 of 6 Results