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  1. Brother
    Hello all, anyone interest in selling empty oem brother gtx ink cartridges? I’ll buy them off of you for a very reasonable price and pay shipping! Message me if you are interested.
  2. Brother
    Hey Wondering if someone can help me with my brother GTX. Every time I print the white starts to fade straight away. The head is clean and when I put it into cleans the nozzle check comes out perfect. But then as soon a sI put a shirt on the start of the print comes out really strong and the...
  3. DTG Pretreatment
    There has been trouble lately printing white ink on black hoodies. We just started having problems in the last few weeks so I'm not sure if something changed with the production of blanks, or if it's our printing method. We have tried Hanes, LAT, Independent, Tultex and Guildan brand hoodies. We...
  4. Brother
    Hello, I'm looking to speed up production with our GTX machines and Pretreatmaker IV. I came across these products from Brain industries Pretreat optimiser and Search and execute More info here -...
  5. TF Classifieds
    PACKAGE PRICE: $24,000 (ORIGINAL Purchase price for all: $56,000+) OFFERING: Full DTG (Direct to Garment) start up kit available for purchase. This kit provides everything you need to add DTG to your current business or start up a new DTG printing business! We are selling because we have just...
1-5 of 5 Results