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  1. Screen Printing
    Hey, I don't know if anyone can help with this, we're having issues with out Gauntlet Revolver and I was hoping someone may have been through something similar and may know the solution? Full details below and any help is much appreciated!! Machine: M&R Gauntlet Series II Serial Number...
  2. Screen Printing Equipment
    Ive been researching different auto presses for quite some time now and I’m pretty sold on the Anatol Volt S. I really like the fact that no compressor is needed. And it seems like everyone who’s got one is very happy with it. We’re a pretty small shop and rarely get asked to do any more than 6...
  3. Screen Printing Equipment
    Hello All I'm looking at buying a screen printing business and trying to value the equipment. Any help people can lend would be appreciated! I've googled some of this stuff but not sure if there are options that aren't included, etc Screen Printing Equipment 3 Brown Manual press 1 purchased...
  4. Screen Printing Equipment
    We just purchased a 90s model Tuf Javelin. I found a post from a long time ago that said the javelin could be disassembled, fit through a door way and reassembled. I have messaged the person but they have not been active in years. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge if this is possible?
  5. Plastisol Ink Screen Printing
    Hi all, new screen printer here wanting to be the best I can be 😁 We use MHM auto press machines. Printing white plastisol on black tee, some of our jobs use 90tpi screens for Ubase and others are on 43tpi. Obviously at the lower thread count, using tub fresh there are no issues with ink passing...
  6. Screen Printing Equipment
    Hello lovely people I'm from Algeria. We don't have agents for all the companies that make screen printing machines ( Roq - M&R - MHM - TAS - Anatol - Workhorse - Printex - Adelco - KTK - Lawson - Mismatic - Tekind.......) I want to ask the experienced. What's the best between these two...
1-6 of 6 Results