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BrendaR April 18th, 2009 03:46 PM

New to SpreadShirt and confused
I just signed up at Spreadshirt and I am so confused. I've had a CP shop for a few years now and decided to expand to other POD's.
So I am familiar with a lot of things but a few I am confused on is this-

When I added a few designs to the marketplace it asked for the "design commission". I added a dollar amount. Then when I added the designs (on products) to my store, it asked for a shop commission. I put in a dollar amount. Now when I am looking at the prices of my products I am in shock of the prices....lol It shows the design commission and the shop commission. What's the difference. I don't want a $40 t-shirt. I want the t-shirt to be marked up to say $8. But when you add the 2 commissions together it is showing $16. What should I putting in the commission amount- meaning, what is the price the customer will pay (I only want to make $8 commission on a customers order). What is the design commission?

By adding the design to the marketplace, it states that other members can use the design. Does that mean they (members) can take that design and place it on any product they like and if it sales I get a commission? Or does it mean the customer can place it on any product they choose? This really has me confused. I am used to the way CP does it- I add it to the products and customers/affiliates pick one of those products. They cna't actually take my design and add it to any product they like.

One other thing- At CP you are very limited with a basic shop. It seems like with SS you can have a basic shop and add as many designs and products as you like? If that's the case, is it worth opening a premium shop?

Sorry for so many questions but I really want to make this work.
Thanks in advance for any help :)

MiNGLED July 10th, 2009 01:59 PM

Re: New to SpreadShirt and confused
Hope you're still around and that you've already got answers to these questions. If not...

The design commission is primarily for designs sold in the Marketplace. These can be used by other shops or simply by someone designing their own T-shirt as a one off. If they use that design, you get the commission. If you're not going to use the Marketplace then remove the design commission and just use the Shop commission.

If the design is in the Market place, anyone can use it on anything, in any colour combination. But you do get the cash every time someone does use it. I guess it comes down to if you're trying to build a brand image or not. If you are, I'd prefer not to have designs where anything can happen to them. But that's just my view.

With the SS Shop you can upload 3 designs for free and use them on as many products as you want. If you want to upload more then you have to pay for it, last time I checked it was $5 per design. If you want to upload lots of designs then this could mount up. The Premium shop allows you (almost) unlimited uploads for a 6 monthly or yearly fee. It also removes the SpreadShirt branding, more important if you have it as part of your own site and also multiple languages. So they are the options.

Hope you have some luck with them.

doodlefashion July 11th, 2009 10:13 PM

Re: New to SpreadShirt and confused
Basically you have several ways you can make money with Spreadshirt:

1) Sell products in your own store. You can sell your own designs or marketplace designs.
End Price = Base product price + print cost + design commission + product commission

2) Add your designs to the marketplace. Then other store owners can use your design in their stores. You get your design commission and they get any product commission that they have set up, when they used your design to create a product for their store.

3) Additionally when your designs are in the marketplace, clients can buy them directly from the Spreadshirt marketplace. In this case you get the design commission and Spreadshirt - the rest.

mihalis19 September 14th, 2016 06:26 AM

Hello. I want help.
I opened a spreadshirt store. I made some designs and put the in market place. Also I set up my commission for my design

The question is:
Also I made a store and I'm making T-shirt with designs that I'm finding on spreadshirt.
Now I have in my store all these tshirts with designs from others! Where can I change my commission? Where is the menu? Or I can't set this!

Please help me

Thank you

Reggie Hammond February 7th, 2017 07:43 AM

Re: New to SpreadShirt and confused
Spreadshirt has a confusing system on purpose and that purpose is to avoid paying you earned commissions.

Avoid them like the plague.

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