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Showcase cover image for Honpo HP1501AA Single Head Embroidery Mahcines

General Information

Honpo HP1501AA on promotion price, only USD2588/pc. price valid time until 24th April 2022.

Max speed of embroidery 1200RPM
Max embroidery area 350*510mm
10" touch screen display showing real time stitching
Topwisdom system
Spindle motor with 70 servo
X-57 servo motor, Y-86 servo motor
Automatic thread trimmer, automatic color change
Built-in combination and segmentation of design and letter design
Thread break detection, automatic bobbin winder
Pre-sew design trace capable
Memory size 200,000,000 stitches, supporting DST DSB files
Mending function, back and skip stitches under controller
Supports 16 languages
Support optional devices for sequin, cording, laser cutting, beads, tape embroidery

Email: [email protected]



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