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andyzee65 April 16th, 2017 11:02 AM

Resolute R-Jet 4 conversion to iWICS
Can anyone help please? I need some information on where I can get parts to convert my R-Jet 4 to iWICS.

I have recently purchased a used R-Jet 5 with iWICS already build in, and immediately I noticed the difference in white printing. The iWICS inks seem to be just a lot more opaque and much better for the kind of artwork that I print.

I would like to convert my R-Jet 4 to use iWICS ink as well. Can I use standard of the shelf parts? looking at the setup on R-Jet 5 as compared to my R-Jet 4 it doesn't look too complicated but I would like to know what's involved before I dive into it. Has anyone gone through this process?

thank you

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