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Kuchciak January 25th, 2016 09:26 AM

Head Printer problem - R jet 5
My first post so hello everybody.

I have problem with white ink (dupont) in my R jet 5. I saw yesterday that overprints looks much worse than previous days (only on color t shirts - printing with white ink). I have noticed that there is not "enough" white ink before colour goes. Firstly i have reinstalled my resolute program (i thought this is issue with % of white ink in program).

Then i made nozzle check. Suddenly i saw where problem is. The white stripes are pritty bad (color are excelent). They are ragged. I did several nozzle checks, and few prints (white squares). After one hour of printing and making nozzle checks it was a little bit better but still not good.

I called my service guy (the guy who sold me new printer). He claims that i have to send printer to him because he has to clean manually printer head. It is very big cost for me.

I think the problem was in humidity (- 10 degrees outside ). We bought device to measure humidity and it was a disaster in our work room:

25 %

Maybe ink changed its density or consistency ?

We have bought humidifier and after 24 hours it is better (humid 50 %) but still not good.

Any ideas ?

Maybe we should make power cleaning ? Or pour water to ink containers and make few power cleanings ? Or we should spent a lot of money and send printer to the service guy ?

Thank you very much for the answers.

Resolute DTG January 25th, 2016 09:46 PM

Re: Head Printer problem - R jet 5

Could you please let me know which country you are in. It's obviously not the UK if it is -10c but I need to check who your local dealer is. Also how old is the printer ?

You must never put normal water in your ink cartridges, doing so will ruin the head for sure. Do not keep printing if you do not have A 95% nozzle check, this will also ruin the head.

I look forward to you sending the information requested by email or PM so we can help to get you back up and running.


Kuchciak February 3rd, 2016 04:16 AM

Re: Head Printer problem - R jet 5
We have our answer:

Low humidity caused change in density of white ink (dupont).

We had to put cleaner into the pipes to unchoke congestions.

This problem haven't been noticed in case of color inks.

It was a good reason to change Inks to Image Armor.

Also we bought a small device to measure humidity in our work room.

Now it is around 50 % because we work now with our new friend (humidifier)

NZACO February 3rd, 2016 06:18 AM

Re: Head Printer problem - R jet 5
To me it sound that when you had very low humidity some white ink has dried on at least the face of the PH (white stripes ragged) and possibly started to dry inside the PH.

You have two options, ether doing a tube clean with cleaning liquid to remove white ink from the print system (tubes, dampers and inside the PH).

The other option is to use the 'Printhead blue cleaner' from Resolute to remove dry ink from the face of the PH. I used the Blue Cleaner last week because I forgot to turn on the humidifier to compensate for the winter heating and can say the blue cleaner works very well.

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