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JackLee3715 August 28th, 2019 09:07 PM

My Worries
Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I am starting out in the screen printing industry, and I've bought pretty much all of the equipment that I need (just need some shirts, a temp gun, and my second screen printing press after the first one was a defect... which should be here soon). I am one of those people who gets super worried going into everything, and I just wanted to make sure a few things with you guys who most likely know more than me about this. Here are my questions.

1. My biggest fear tied with a tripped breaker is VOC emissions from the plastisol ink. I've seen a lot of articles on how VOC can lead to cancer and not-so-fun things happening to the operator, but I found even more articles about it when it's related to paint (as in painting a house). Is it really that bad or is it a bit exaggerated? Is it as strong as paint?

2. I'm trying to find ways of ventilating my area, but I cannot operate outside of my house because of city regulations, and it gets up to 115 degrees here during the summer. I was wondering if I should invest $100 in one of these home air purifiers that filters out VOCs and lint?

2 (extended). The area that I'm working in is around 120 sq ft. I will be blocking the AC holes into the room and put towels around doors to prevent VOCs from spreading throughout the house. I'll also be opening the windows to let in some fresh air. I'm afraid it will also let in dust, especially our doorway (office is by the door) is a narrow hallway that often gets the dust blown in from outside. Also, again, it'll be 115 in the summer. Is it a wise decision? Should I get fans if I do it?

3. Has flash dryers (the coiled wire ones) ever tripped a breaker before? I've just mapped out the circuits yesterday to avoid tripping one on the circuit that I plug my dryer into. It's 15A on a 120V circuit. The dryer requires around 1650W on a 110V circuit. Has a dryer ever overload the circuit before? Does it start a fire or is it minor? I'm considering on buying a fire extinguisher as well.

4. Is there a specific way you are supposed to prop screens up when not in use? I just lay them on top of each other on my container of screen printing stuff. Is that ok?

5. Is there such need to ventilate my materials? That sounds stupid, but honestly, lmk. xD

6. Has anything blown up in a shop before? If so, what happened? I'd like to tough up on my safety procedures. :) (I've got an emergency exit planned... just wish I don't burn down the house... it's not mine.)


burnaman November 11th, 2019 06:25 PM

Re: My Worries
I installed oven vent hoods over my equipment and vented to the dryer exhaust with clothing dryer exhaust flex tubes. This pushed the majority of the chemical and heat out the dryer exhaust. I wish I had pictures to show an example. Best of luck and good health.

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