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Default Re: Getting BETTER Prints from my NeoFlex DTG Printer

This is very true, for anyone who has been working from the early machines to the later ones will know that there is always a performance vs quality relationship. The slower you print on inkjets the better quality you can achieve.

Printing 2-3 (or even 6) shirts at a time gives the white time to settle and the color goes on much better (doesnt mix so much into the white).
US Screen discovered this when they went from the TJet to the Jumbo machines and why the Blazer was built as a 3up and why Zazzle configured there work flow for the Blazer Pro (3up rather than the Express 1up).

On 1800 / 1900 which can print much faster you can hit a bit of a wall where you print the white so fast and then start the color it can be a real issue.

Its why you need to calibrate your white, so you put down just enough (and not more), its easy to over ink on white but it wont settle as fast if you can get your white volume to what you need and no more then it will settle faster and be able to print the color on it faster.
You can get away without calibrating the white on a 4800, but on any 1800 / 1900 machines if you use 1440x1440 for the white you have to calibrate the white ink.

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