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Default Re: Getting BETTER Prints from my NeoFlex DTG Printer

Originally Posted by Stitch-Up
Is this perhaps the reason why a faster DTG printer doesn't produce such a bright & vibrant image - the white ink doesn't benefit from the longer drying time before the colour is printed?

I think the important thing to understand is how the different pretreat fluids react with the different viscosity of white inks. When you are printing a higher amount of fluid because the print head has smaller drop sizes (which requires more carrier fluid to get the amount of white pigment), it does take a little longer for the pretreat to have a chemical reaction to gel the white ink to allow for a better underbase for printing the CMYK colors on top of it. When you switch to a higher viscosity ink (like many of the manufacturers are doing or will be doing soon based on the rumors), there is less carrier fluid needed in the ink to apply the same amount of white pigments. Thus, the pretreat fluid will typically react faster to gel the ink. So I do agree if you were comparing the same viscosity of ink that printing too fast can affect your output. However, going to a thicker ink may not result in the same effect that you discovered.

Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

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