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Default Black shirt newbie question

I posted this on the Zazzle forum but it doesn't look like there is much traffic there so I'm hoping someone here might know the answers to some of my questions. Any help is appreciated.

I just got a sampling of my designs and have a few comments/questions.

First, the shirts themselves are very good quality. No problem there.
The designs on the white shirts look pretty good.
The black shirts, however, are another story. I'm not sure if I expect too much or what. The colors were MUCH less saturated than they should be.
Gradient areas (airbrushed effect) got quantized to either "on or off". (Is this me expecting too much here?)

Some of the designs on the white shirts are smaller than they should be. I have a 14 inch wide design that came out to about 8 - 9 inches. This happened on 2 different shirts. Do the designes get automatically made smaller on smaller sized shirts? There was plenty of room to make them larger.

And lastely: When ordering some of the women's sizes you get a warning that they run very small and you should order 2 sizes larger. My wife is 5 feet tall and not fat. She ordered a medium and it was too small. If a woman this small needs a large, that puts these shirts out of the running for large women. These are really children's sizes and should be stated so. OR, they should be more standard. I think there will be a lot of returns despite the warning.

I think most of this can hopefully be worked out. I am happy with the web site and the fast service. I'd like to do a lot of business with Zazzle.

Here is my gallery link if anyone can help me with my design problems.


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