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Default Re: Before you get into DTG, things you need to know

Originally Posted by Instacopy
Whew, these 4 pages had a lot of information!

What if a sheet fed printing co. wanted to get into DTG? I have the software and the graphics knowledge and have been dealing with ink, halftones, cont. tones, spot colors and solids for the last 17 years. I have a really good customer base for shirts and all have expressed interest if I proceed. I see paper-based reproduction as a dwindling market. I want to diversify by getting into a market that isn't going to be replaced so easily (Unless nudity gains wild popularity), but not replace our printing on paper (the equipment is well maintained and paid for).

DTG (Neoflex) is what we are considering, but this thread has made me question if this is the right move.

For those of you offering both (DTG and Screen Printing), at what quantity does DTG become more expensive (Say at 1 or 2 Colors)?
This is not complicated. The market you sell to will dictate your decision. I do a lot of licensed product. We also print volume. I am a 23 year veteran of screen printing. The two mediums are unrelated in many ways. We do not generally print spot color on DTG mahines. Our DTG machines are primarily for full color printing on black and dark goods with continuous tone. There is a learning curve to all of this. You have a slight edge as a printer but you don't know this substrate. I would encourage a ton of research and don't go cheap on DTG gear if you are a commercial printer. Here is some additional perspective for you. READ my latest article in Impressions Magazine.
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