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Default WIMS dampers for Kiosk

Read a couple of old threads but still cant get my answer. I have a kiosk II with the wims system. Just installed a new printhead, 4 new CMYK dampers, new cap assembly and 3 new White ink dampers(for the 1st time). On my invoice the white dampers say they are for HM1/Viper/HMXpr/Bul.(its 10.45 pm in Australia now and will ring suppliers in morning but thought might get an answer here) Are they suitable for my kiosk. Looking at them they seem similar except the new ones have a thread on the inlet end and they dont seem to be as snug a fit on the printhead. did nozzle checks and colours are great,but no white. Syringed the white dampers and seemed to fill up ok in the 1st section but not the next.But noticed that on the old ones the ink only filled the oval section (where the filter inside is) but on the new seemed to that area and above(this happened on all 3), came along into the round section but could not completely fill it. Tried nozz checks again still no white.
Have they sent the right ones as all 3 couldnt be faulty?
hope someone can help