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Default Re: Need one more tip: which heat press?

The one thing the larger industrial presses and that 16"x20" press have in common is being auto-opening. You could achieve that with either an air compressor or electro-magnets. I believe (though bear in mind I don't sell heat presses so I'm not sure) that the air compressor is only required on auto-opening presses (and not necessarily all auto-opening presses, though I don't know). I suppose others may use it too to achieve their pressure. Sorry I can't give you a more definitive answer. Hopefully someone who can will see this thread.

If not, I'd just contact Josh at Imprintables, or a representative of another reputable company, and ask them about it. It shouldn't be hard to get cleared up.

I can tell you for sure that most (smaller) presses don't require a separate air-compressor. So the issue for you is do any of the presses I'm considering require one, rather than do they require them in general.

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