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Default Re: Need one more tip: which heat press?

Hi everyone,
It's been a couple of months since I posted here last, i'm one of those who wanted to start up but after reading many many posts decided to hold off until I had enough money together to be able to afford the right heat press. I've really caught the bug even though I do not own a heat press yet. I do still have problems navigating my way around forums so please excuse me if this is in the wrong place but I certainly need some advice so thought this was the ok thread to post at.

I have a question first which I haven't been able to find an answer to, since researching and reading here I keep seeing presses advertised that "does not need an air compressor" ???? Does this mean that I may have to buy not only a heat press but an air compressor too?? Can someone explain that part please?

I just recieved the catalog from imprintables which show the mighty press which i'm sold on really, the advice I need most is on some of the differences between the ones i'm looking at. My budget was originally $800 for a heat press but i'm willing to go as high as the $1095 for the 16x16 phoenix auto open or $1050 for the mighty press digital 16x20 it just means I won't be able to afford as much stock as I originally intended to buy. Ok the advice part, I want to know if the 16x20 would really make that much difference, I want to put stock transfers onto t-shirts and sweaters/hoodies and also will probably want to do some xxl but can all this be done on a 16x16 or would I really be better off with the 16x20?? I know there is an extra 4inches of platen there but most stock transfers are within the 16x16 anyway aren't they?? I want to get the best press I can afford but don't want to waste money on an extra 4 inches if i'm not likely to use it. I want to say at this point me and the wife are committed to setting this up as a business and are going to put our heart and soul into it once we get it up and running, just want to get everything right from the start and I trust the great advice from here.
That's about it for now,definitely want to know about the air compressor thing as that's bothering me right now.
Thankyou in advance for your advice and replies, look forward to reading them so I can move forward with this. It's only taken me 4 weeks to come up with a shortlist of names for the business,lol (actually a long list).