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Default Re: People who use ZAZZLE

I've used Zazzle for 1 year I have no complaint besides the fact they fill your page and order the advertisments that you may not want especially if you didnt brand yourself properly. I agree with everyone that it all really depends on the amount of effort you do with zazzle and how well you advertise yourself outside of zazzle.

Zazzle has a really good selection, but as with all services(cafepress,spreadshirt,etc) the payout is on the low because they have to make their cut, you can set your royalties but you will have to justify a high priced shirt.
What i started doing mid-year last year was selling through zazzle and on my own in my city. Its working out better but thats just common sense when you think about it. (Theres more than One way to skin a shirt ;p)