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Default Re: Not happy with Spreadshirt order, DTG process in general?

Originally Posted by applejohn
My design is essential a stylized typographical logo and I had it printed on white shirts. It ends up looking cheap/shoddy when you can notice a white box all around the logo. It is especially apparent on the Bella shirt, which is thin enough to be see through, that the box exists. Had I known this would be the result I would have done heat transfers myself.
Are you positive that the shirts were dtg printed? I ask this because the majority of dtg users will not print white ink on a white shirt. How much of a white box is the around the logo? Do you think it is pretreat fluid?

I have no clue how the garment was decorated so that is why I asked. How did Spreadshirt tell you they decorated it? Can you post a picture of the shirt with a closeup of the white box?

I can tell you that most dtg printers will print a white shirt and you will not see a box around the artwork. I would suggest trying another dtg company.

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