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Default Help with PowerRip software??!!

Hello everyone...I'm very new to screen printing...actually I just got back from training with Printa in Seattle. I also just found this site and I'm EXCITED! It looks great and I'm looking forward to snooping around.
I think I've learned a lot in the last couple of weeks by trial and error ( I have a huge stack of shirts! lol) but now I'm having issues with the PowerRip software. Can I ask a question about that here?
Here's the issue......
I'm trying to print artwork to expose. I do the artwork and make sure it says tabloid. I click on print...it's defaulted to the epson printer photo 1400 printer and the print preview looks marvelous and to scale...I choose the powerrip print button and the graphic is oversized for the paper...when I tried, tried, tried to investigate the powerrip program says it's 8x11 paper so I'm guessing this is why it's not sized right. How do I make the powerrip resize the graphic to the original size??? or how do I change powerrip to show the tabloid paper???
Any advice at all is appreciated....I don't know if I'll have any hair left for much longer so I hope all this "falls into place" before too long!