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Default Re: homemade DTG with Epson 1100???

Originally Posted by tieutusamac
This is a Epson 1400 Printer had converted to DTG By me. Please check it out and tell me what do you think about it? Here is a link:
Thank you for looking,
Very cool...

can you start the 1400 with no platen in place without error? can you print a second shirt in succession without powering off? we used to do as your video shows with the work force 1100 (start it with platen in place) what the 1100 did was pull the platen in when it runs its start up sequence "trip the pe" then you could print... but without the platen in place it would error... and when we tried printing in succession the timing was off!! we could get it to work maybe one out of eight times..

are you having better luck with the 1400 in that respect?

also do use white ink in it yet? im interested if it will lay down enough with the two channels!