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Default Re: Before you get into DTG, things you need to know

Originally Posted by ROYAL SAVAGE
Not entirely. I have been printing for 23 years. My experience in four color process printing is what has made the difference in our approach to DTG. We do not view DTG as press the button and go. Our knowledge of true process color seperations for darks in screen printing cut the learning curve.

But what I was actually saying was - a good printer is someone that really cares about the product that leaves the shop. So if you are a good screen printer you probably will be a good DTG printer. If you are a bad screen printer - someone who doesn't care about delivering a great product - your DTG will suck too. DTG is not an easier softer way to success if you don't care.
I agree with this. I've seen some really bad screen prints and dtg prints and the printers think they are really good.

It's always puzzled me as to what people think quality is and isn't.