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Default Re: Give me current reviews of Anajet Sprint

i have the older AnaJet FP125, and my printhead served me well for 2 years. I just replaced it with the newer (r1900) head, and this one is actually causing me some minor problems. so far, i'm able to print through it. we print darks with ease, but i also do a lot of maintenance that isn't taught in the training. it seems to me that DTG companies are petrified that their customers will do irreparable damage if allowed to touch the head, or use a syringe to pull ink through the lines, etc. and they are probably correct, BUT it would be impossible to keep my machine clean if i didn't do some of these things.

as for AnaJet not using Epson parts...just plain old BS. i love my AnaJet, and I've had great help from their tech support, but i laugh at them when they start saying those things. i just tell the tech, "i know you were trained to say this, but you and i both know this isn't true." so what they normally say now is that AnaJet has made some changes to the Epson head to better work in their system. i have no way of arguing this point, but i do know they use Epson parts.

btw, i use DuPont ink from DTGinks.com, and it works great; just the same as the AnaJet ink. hmmm, same ink? i do know that it smells a little different, and the pretreat smells a lot different, but it all works the same.

i will say this, if i keep having problems with my new printhead, and AnaJet doesn't help me by getting me a new one...these forums will hear a lot from me. everything we do hinges on the support we receive from our tech support departments.
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