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Default Re: Give me current reviews of Anajet Sprint

I think Mark has hit the nail on the head. There are many companies out there that are fantastic at marketing and that's where it ends. In my opinion the key to your purchase should be based on research and getting as much info as you can from the forums. I own the Brother GT 541 that we use for most of our CMYK printing. After doing what I thought was my fair share of research I made a trip to CA and bought an Anajet. My purchase was based on the same claims concerning the Epson print head and many other factors that Anajet claimed were superior to other printers. This was a very expensive lesson for me. After 4 months of not being able to successfully print with any consistency and numerous software and hardware issues I sold. I did get some tech support from the folks at AJ but the problem is it impossible to fix something that has fatal flaws to begin with. Here's a better to tell ... after I sold my AJ I continued my research and purchased a Veloci-Jet. I have been printing all of our dark shirt/white ink garments very successfully with the VJ now for about 8 months. We have had a few hiccups but the tech guys at Equipment Zone has been right there to help. The software package and engineering of the VJ make it a very easy machine to print with. Any problems we have ever had (and they have been just a few) have been resolved immediately and that includes overnighting parts. They really do care about you having a viable machine to be productive with. The VJ uses the Epson print head and we have had no problems with it. Most of the problems I see read about white ink printers have to do with lack of regular maintenance. We do our 15 minutes of maintenance daily and have never had the first clog or problem with the print head. FYI - We did the same thing with the AJ and it didn't matter. I don't claim to be familiar with all DTG white ink printers but I can tell you things for certain. I would not buy the AJ but I would buy another VJ. I also own the Speed Treater from Equipment Zone and it does a fantastic job of pretreating and requires very little maintenance - about 5 minutes a day. If a dark shirt is not pretreated correctly I don't care if you are printing with equipment from the US Mint - it won't print or wash well. Hope all this helps.