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Default Re: T-jet 3 Problems

Originally Posted by spiderx1
Have you ever got a good white??? If so then degraded it could be several things. Printhead clog, clogged or restricted tubes, you still using dampers or carts. Bulk system original or modified or new. clogged breather port in the ink bottles, waste line restricted. I actually have to back my white off a bit it puts down to much.
Which software you using???
More info where did you buy it from??
No I never have had a good white...
The machine is a reconditioned one, suppose to have a new head in it.Its a Tjet Express. It came with Fast artist, making art in Corel14, transfer to Corel Paint then to Fastartist. I bought it at IMG, they sent a tech, he said black was clogged, he fixed it, but said to run it using high ink output till clog works through. I made arrangments to take the machine back down there,but I run a sports store and I cant get the time, they never called me back to see why I hadnt came to visit them. Dont think they are interested in helping me with this used machine. And it keeps blowing a fuse after about 40 prints on white ts of course the fuse blows,got this machine May like around the 24th 2010 and have replaced 5 times the fuse.