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Default Re: threadless and copyright infringement: a discussion :)

Originally Posted by Solmu
Actually, no.

As far as the current law goes it would appear to be, but I don't think it should be and I'm not convinced it couldn't be overturned in a court case.

The original artists do, because they claim copyright on their work. That would be fine if the work was in a gallery, but my opinion is that grafitti is by its very nature artwork put into the public domain.

They Can Probably Sue On The Fact That The Person Traced A Picture That Could Have Been Copyrighted By The Original Owners. It's Not Like The Infringer Took The Picture Of The Art And Then Traced It. Not Only That But The Traced Image Hardly Has Any Changes, (Just The Grass) Which In My Opinion And In Logic Isn't Enough To Claim Originality Of Design.