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Default Re: threadless and copyright infringement: a discussion :)

Originally Posted by Solmu
The artists shouldn't have to ask them to stop selling it - it should have been immediately withdrawn from sale pending permission to sell it.
I didn't realize that they had neglected to stop sales. That's a bad call on the part of Threadless. There's really no excuse for that.

Originally Posted by Solmu
*(I use the word plagiarism because some of it is illegal copyright infringement, some of it is initially illegal use of stock photography they bought the rights to after the fact, and some of it is legal use of stock photography that was purchased in advance by the artist. Some of the use of stock photography so completely lacks any kind of creativity, that while it is perfectly legal, it's not remotely desirable. The so called "artist" who submitted it does not deserve their prize money, and the Threadless brand credibility is damaged by printing such designs).
I don't have a problem with the use of stock photography, as long as it's aquired legally. IMO, Threadless prints plenty of stuff that lacks creativity, both original art and stock photo based designs. Using stock photos is tacky and not really my thing, but if people like the design then I don't see the harm in printing it.

I haven't been watching Threadless from the beginning, but it does seem that they used to have a higher standard for designs, so this kind of thing might have mattered more back in the day than it does now.