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Default Re: Group wants a sample of a potential plastisol order...

Keith, I am not a screenprinter and am still a newbie but the fact that it is a one-color front design and a two-color back design makes your customer sound a bit unreasonable. I could kinda see if they had a complex simulated-process color graphic, they would want to know if you can reproduce it accurately (the reasonableness of 1 sample still in question, however), but proof of a one- and two-color print? I think your idea of showing them the First Edition sample is a good one.

Some people just like to toss out unreasonable expectations and see if you will do it. I would say no because most screenprinters out there will either say no or do what Richard says. But I am not out there on the front lines so maybe I'm talking out of turn here. Just saying this from a regular business perspective.