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Default Re: DTG Viper problems

I to am having many problem with my DTG Viper and would not buy from DTG again. I received mine with a broke platten,a bad dummy ink cartridge, no job controller. the job controller that they sent me was bad and had to be replaced. I bought mine in sept. of 09 and have since had to replace 6 print heads, a capping station and have lost a lot of work from down time(seams that you have to call and leave a message to get ahold of a tech.that takes between 2 hours to 2 days to get back to you)
My business is going under from this machine and it seams like no one at DTG really cares. They are nice but in no way goes out of there way to help you(like giving a call back to see it your problem was resolved or not or going out of there way to ask what could they do to help!)
DTG will not even give there customers updates to the rip software unless you have a problem and ask for a update or help with the rip pro.(they should tell all customers about software updates as soon as they get them.
DTG in my mind does not care about the customer or if he is loosing business because of there machine. The bottom line is customer support and they have fell flat on there asses with this.
If you still want to buy a DTG Viper I will gladly sell you the one I have.It is almost new since I have been replacing parts with new since I bought it.