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Default Re: DTG Kiosk

We sell the RIP Pro software here in the US marketplace, Europe is selling a mix of RIP Pro and Print Pro. I would suggest that you contact your dealer regarding the choking issue. You can also get a password from your dealer and get onto the DTG Forum where there is a location dedicated to Print Pro.

For those of you watching this thread and wondering about the choke issue and why it arises I'll give a breif explanation. When you print two layers of ink (one white and one color) at different resolutions (1440x720 white and 720x720 colors) they will never perfectly line up, inkjet printers don't work that way (if they both are the same resolution they do line up). Add to this the fact that you are laying HUGE droplets of white ink down (so they tend to spread out a bit) and you will occasionally get a bit of white peaking out from behind the color. Solution, set a choke on the white layer to slightly "trim it down" until no white shows.

Hope this helps
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