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Default Re: homemade DTG with Epson 1100???

From my experience when you first try to print you will likely get the (two light) general error. If you don't you might find it pushing your platen through without printing. I found that I can not print using the standard Epson driver. You can print using GIMP with Gutenprint for Windows (actually a GIMP plugin). When you power the printer you need to listen to for the paper feed to turn. When it does you need to manually trip the PE sensor to prevent it from getting the general error. You are then ready to print using Gimp and Gutenprint.

If you forget to put the platen in and it believes it is out of paper, the fist time you try to print it will push the platen though. You will have to repeat the above procedure...

German, is working on a mod to the controller that would forgo all this. It is however a more costly avenue. I believe this cost is worth while to me because it will save me time in my production cycle.

That's things as I know it...

Bob ?;O)