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Default Re: Inkjet vs Laser Transfers. Any real advantages?

Hi Phil

Interested to note that you have had problems layering vinyl. We did a shedload of Ts for a cheerleading group, following the instructions to the letter, and they all peeled (the Ts, not the cheerleaders). I gave a sample back to Xpres for testing and comment at a show recently, which they promptly misplaced. So no feedback there. I'm still having problems with darks - EZ trans, which I think is Neenah, seems to be one of the best . When we opened our retail unit last year, we had horrendous problems with Inkjet Dark, which had worked nicely up to that point. Cost us a lot of money and goodwill and still no proper explanation. The best print I ever did was with Magic Touch for inkjet, which has accidently gone through rigorous washes with my jeans AND in the tumble drier - I can't remember what they said when I got in touch with them - either they no longer do it or you have to buy it in a 20 m roll and I don't really want to commit to that without having a little bit to road test first.

I have tried a friend's laser printer for a couple of darks but the result on the first one was a bit disappointing and the colour profile must have gone wrong for the other because I ended up with a completely green baby - not quite what the mother wanted for the grandfather's gift T shirt!