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Default Re: DTG Viper problems

Your assumptions about quality and profit margins are just that, assumptions. All of the major DTG distributors (there are four of us) are also major players in the embroidery and rhinestone equipment marketplace - all with lengthy tenure in this marketplace. The risk to other core businesses by intentionally incorporating an inferior product is not something that these companies would be willing to risk. With five full years of experience in the US marketplace with direct to garment printers I can assure you that ramp up curve on the Viper has been far shorter than any other product we have released, including those manufactured in Japan. I'm sorry that you have had issues with your machine and I will do what I can to inform the folks at Mesa that need to know about it. I can say with confidence that we feel strongly about the quality of the Viper and are experiencing no greater level of supprt with them than with other units, especially now, almost a year since their release.
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