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Default Re: DTG Viper problems

Originally Posted by Don-SWF East
I would suggest that you PM Steve in the message above yours. To my knowledge he has been able to resolve the issues that had arisen on the early Vipers. As with any new product the early stages can be a bit bumpy, but the Viper has been a very solid product for us once these early bumps were ironed out.
Thanks Don, I will do that. However, I have to say that when you shell out 25,000-30,000 dollars for a product, you would expect the product to work properly and have been thoroughly tested. It seems to me, that DTG out of greed, has released a product onto the market way too soon, and is making the customer the Beta Tester. The other point that backs that up is the fact that DTG has chosen to manufacture the Viper not in Australia like previous printers, but in mass production factory conditions in Singapore, I believe, in which quality control was not an issue and quicker/cheaper production methods were used. As far as techs go, I think oftentimes they know less about the machines than the people that have purchased the machines and use them every day.
My experience with DTG and Mesa Distributors has been awful. There are MANY people that feel the same way.