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Default Re: Plastisol Transfer Quality

Originally Posted by shirt-maker
I really hate to turn customers away and I would normally prefer to do everything myself (within reason!) I'm also trying to figure out a way to justify the purchase of a plotter/cutter.

Vinyl excels in one area more than others: the ability to produce dark-colored shirts in small runs. Great for customizing names on athletic apparel, or any sort of 1-3 color custom stuff on dark shirts. So if you're looking for more opitons when printing on a few shirts at a time, a vinyl cutter may be beneficial =)

Originally Posted by shirt-maker
I'm also still intrigued with the possibility of electronically printing my transfers with printer as many of you do. Is it as easy as it sounds?

Basically, yes. There are some nuances to make the best quality, however - getting different ink, trimming the transfer out, etc.
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