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Default Re: T-jet 3 Problems

Ill be honest. I have a tjet 3. Its not worth $1000 in my opinion. But it is what it is.
Its been sitting here dormant because of a stupid error light. I tried to call Equipment zone several times and there tech support just didnt know. And most recently they started charging for tech support. Not worth it in my eyes for something they cant fix. Not to mention I think that their prices have jumped since they think they have the market cornered now that usspit has gone under.
BUt thats what business is all about right?
Now I did find a tech in Arizona that worked me through my problem in about 5 minutes time.
Karl Steele. I told him our problem (ink and error when bed loads) and he said its the 4 crews on the back of the load screw. I loosened them up and it works. pretty simple.
Yet Equip zone couldnt figure this out after several calls. Their answer was for $100 an hour, we'll send a tech to you. (6 hours each way....plus onsite time...you do the math).
So now I suggest that if you do have one of these clunkers...call the below tech:
Karl Steele
Steeletec LLC
4141 E. Raymond St. STE G2
Phoenix, AZ 85040
(480) 760-3882
[email protected]

Also his connection with parts are alot cheaper than equipment zone.
Just my 2 cents.
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