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Default Re: Epson 1400 Mods

Hi, I just wanted to let you guys know that after reading all the forums including the yahoo message board, that we're sticking our toes into the Epson 1400 and it's convertability to a DTG, however I have some other plans for it as well. Since I haven't posted in the diydtg board before I'll give a quick rundown on my experience: I've owned a Flexi Jet S series (awful unit IMO, had serious issues with static which caused it to need to be powered off after almost every print and this was in the middle of summer, not winter when static is worse) Then I had purchased a poorly maintained T-jet 2 off ebay which I reconditioned and resold (including a fully clogged print head which I was able to bring back to life after it had sat in storage with a full ink system for 6 months) I've torn down and rebuild a 2200 and an R800 (not for DTG purpose though) and now I've just purchased a brand new 1400 and a CIS for it that I'll be tearing down and attempting to develop a dtg with.
The additional plans I have for it are attempting to use two of the ink channel LcLm for a 2 channel white ink just because there is (imo) no point in using LcLm dtg inks as it work necessarily improve the quality of the output colors for the most part. the only thing I'm hitting a brick wall on so far is the RIP. I have a number of RIP programs but none specifically address the 1400 and I'm hoping to pick up some assistance from the community as to suggestions for a RIP that I can forcibly direct the printer to print ONLY from certain channels somehow. I know it was done with Flexi's RIP and any white capable rip for that matter, so I just need some ideas in this department, and I'll be glad to share all my findings.